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2022 Race Team Training No. 1

2022 Race Team Training No. 1


Happy New Year! Your team captains have been working diligently to get ready for what is bound to be the best year of Team PRC ever! We have lots planned and are looking forward to running alongside you. We will be shooting out "Welcome" emails soon for those of you who have signed up for the 2022 Race Team. If you have not signed up, what are you waiting for?! Do it now.

The 2022 Grand Prix schedule is online now, and the first race is the PRC Winter Series 5K No. 2 on January 15th in Beaverton. All 2021 Race Team members should have received an invitation to the year-end party/awards gala as well. Email if you can't find your invitation.

Tuesday Track workouts are back on at Cleveland High School (SE 31st and Powell): 6:15pm warmup, 6:30pm workout. The lights are on, and Wayne, Hunter, and Mariko are home. Join them!

Here is the first installment of training for 2022(!). As always, general training principles, pacing website, and the core routine are at the bottom of this post below the training plan. Contact me, Chris McIsaac, with any questions:


Training Plan:

January 3–9

Monday - Easy + Core
Tuesday - PRC Workout @ Cleveland: 4–6 X 1000m at 5K pace (3:00 jog rests)
Wednesday - Easy run + Core
Thursday - Thirsty Thursday 6 PM @ PRC NW
Friday - Workout: 3 sets of 3 X :45 seconds hills. Within each set go easy, medium, hard.
Saturday - Easy Run
Sunday - Long run @ PRC NW 8 AM

January 10-16

Monday - Easy + Core
Tuesday - PRC Workout @ Cleveland: 3 X (3 X 400m). First set at 5k pace, with 100m recoveries between reps. Second set a tad faster with 200m recoveries between reps. Third set a little quicker with 400m recoveries. Take a 400m jog between all sets.
Wednesday - Easy run + Core
Thursday - Thirsty Thursday 6 PM @ PRC NW
Friday - Pre-race shakeout run + Strides
Saturday - PRC Winter 5k #2
Sunday - Long run @ PRC NW 8 AM


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General Training Principles

  • Commit to the workouts, paces, and general outline, and you’ll see improvement.
  • Keep your long run at about 20-25% of total mileage for the week.
  • Consistency is key, but make sure you take recovery days and days off as needed.
  • The workouts are geared towards the Grand Prix races, so 5k–5mi for the first couple months.
  • Keep things fun! This shouldn’t be a chore. Look forward to challenging yourself.
  • Make sure you take care of the little things. Stretch, hydrate, and fuel your body with good food.

Core Routine

Setting the Pace

Refer to this website to help you determine proper paces for your workouts. Chris can help you establish paces, too. Contact him at

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