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What We Do

This Is the Fun Part

When you visit Portland Running Company for new shoes, expect a small workout. We don't mind if you do it in a business suit but you may be more comfortable in workout clothes. We do a field gait evaluation. The technique draws from foot mechanical analysis, and it also connects the dots from your toes, to your ankles, to your knees, to your hips, and so on.

Bring your old running shoes if you have any. We will check your wear pattern and watch you walk or run to check for foot motion (overpronation/underpronation or rolling of the foot in or out), which can lead to injury.

After watching you move, we will check the fit of your shoes, including the length and width, instep, rear-foot, and heel. We will also check your foot’s anatomy including differences in length, arches, and even your toes. Shoes that are misfit to people’s feet lead to injuries.

Armed with this information, we can narrow down a confusing sea of shoes to a few good options that fit your characteristics. This is the FUN part! You get to try out each pair, figuring out what feels good. At the same time, we will continue to watch you move, evaluating what looks supportive and what appears to meet not only the needs of your feet but also your entire body network!

We will then send you around the block (as many times as it takes) to ensure that you have the perfect shoe. Congratulations! You’ve just done the Portland Running Company workout!