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For Clinicians

Shin splints, lower back pain, “runner’s knee,” plantar fasciitis, Achilles pain, bunions, IT band syndrome…

Running, walking, dancing, working…trying to live day to day without pain….

At Portland Running Company, we see 500 pair of feet per week, and although each individual possesses very unique circumstances, we do see injury patterns consistent with poor footwear. Our staff is trained to assist our customers with a simple gait screening and to identify injury potential. After a brief but thorough evaluation that includes an injury history, a walking or running analysis, and a foot characteristic evaluation, we match up individuals with footwear to address their specific needs.

Clinicians from all fields of expertise have been referring their patients to our facility for more than 20 years. The spectrum of support and fit within the running shoe category is expansive. From flexible lightweight racing shoes to durable motion control shoes designed to control over pronation, from narrow to wide, we have the proper support for almost any mechanical deficiency.

If you have patients who are about to enter rehabilitation programs, are receiving new custom orthotics, are surgical candidates, or who simply need better shoes on their feet, we can help.

Our main goal is to treat each person who walks through our door as an individual with important fitness and lifestyle goals. From seven years old to 80 years young, our customers find excellent service and a knowledgeable staff prepared to come up with solutions.

When you refer patients to our facility, please encourage them to bring their current shoes, and an openness to experiment with running-style footwear. For our referring clinicians, we offer referral pads with a map to the store that also includes a 10% discount for your patients on their first visit.