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2022 Race Team Training No. 4

2022 Race Team Training No. 4


If you ran HTC this weekend, we hope you had fun and are in full recovery mode! It's been a while since we've had an update, but we plan on getting them out more regularly. We've got a fun stretch of racing coming up this Fall including a 3-person relay at Wilshire Park in October. 

Upcoming Grand Prix races:

    We have continued to see great participation in our Tuesday Track workouts at Duniway, Thirsty Thursday's led by Brendan at NW, and Sunday Long Runs. For more information about those runs, visit the PRC group run webpage.

    All Grand Prix results are online now, and the overall Grand Prix standings reflect the latest results, including marathons!

    Training Plan

    Here is the fourth installment of training for 2022. As always, general training principles, pacing website, and the core routine are at the bottom of this post below the training plan. Contact me, Chris McIsaac, with any questions:

    August 29–September 4

    • Monday - Easy + Core
    • Tuesday - PRC Workout @  Duniway: 6-8x1k@8k (90s standing rest)
    • Wednesday - Easy run + Core
    • Thursday - Thirsty Thursday - 6pm @ Run Pub
    • Friday - Workout: 4x5min at tempo pace w/ :90 recovery
    • Saturday - Easy run
    • Sunday Long Run - Run Pub 8am

    September 5–11

    • Monday - Easy + Core
    • Tuesday - PRC Workout @  Duniway: 4-6x800m@8k + 4x400m fast
    • Wednesday - Easy run + Core
    • Thursday - Thirsty Thursday - 6pm @ Run Pu
    • Friday - Workout: 8-10 x 1min at 8k pace, 1min recovery
    • Saturday - Pre-Race Shakeout
    • Sunday - Boring 8k

    September 12–18

    • Monday - Easy + Core
    • Tuesday - PRC Workout @ Duniway: Downward Ladder (2000m, 1600m, 1200m, 800m, 400m, 200m) w/ 400m recovery
    • Wednesday - Easy run + Core
    • Thursday - Thirsty Thursday - 6pm @ Run Pub
    • Friday -  Easy run + Strides
    • Saturday - Timothy Lake Run @ 9am
    • Sunday - Sunday Long Run - Run Pub 8am

    PRC Field Trip Run at Timothy Lake

    Mariko is hosting a run around Timothy Lake on Saturday, September 17th. The 11-ish mile trail run will start in the parking lot near the dam at 9am. If interested, check out the event Facebook page for updates.

    October Grand Prix Event - Team Relay

    The October Grand Prix event is going to be a team relay at Wilshire Park on NE 33rd on Sunday 10/30. Time TBD.

    The default format will be teams of 3 runners. Each runner will do the roughly 1,000m trail loop around the park 5 times, with runners switching off after each loop. That means each team will do 15km total, while each runner will do 5km total.

    This is similar to the 400m partner relay we've done on the track in the past, but the idea is that with a longer interval in between runs, we'll have more time to cheer for people and just generally follow what's going on. All are welcome, PRC affiliated or otherwise.

    XC is BACK!

    Fall in Portland means Stumptown Cross Country, which means PRC race team members will be taking on other local clubs. There has been an interest for forming a master's team this year. You just need to show up and sign up under Portland Running Company Race Team. 


    Portland Running Co. Race Team on Strava

    Join the club!


    General Training Principles

    • Commit to the workouts, paces, and general outline, and you’ll see improvement.
    • Keep your long run at about 20-25% of total mileage for the week.
    • Consistency is key, but make sure you take recovery days and days off as needed.
    • The workouts are geared towards the Grand Prix races, so 5k–5mi for the first couple months.
    • Keep things fun! This shouldn’t be a chore. Look forward to challenging yourself.
    • Make sure you take care of the little things. Stretch, hydrate, and fuel your body with good food.

    Core Routine

    Setting the Pace

    Refer to this website to help you determine proper paces for your workouts. Chris can help you establish paces, too. Contact him at

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