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PRC Race Team Training No. 3 with Adam Klein

PRC Race Team Training No. 3 with Adam Klein

Ryan Heal |

PRC Race Team Members — Your third installment of training in 2021 comes to us courtesy of Adam Klein. Adam was a standout track & XC runner for Tualatin HS and Arizona State and is a current employee of Portland Running Co.

For easy reference, our general training principles, pacing website, and core routine are included at the bottom of this post after the workouts.

Take it away, Adam!

Training Plan Feb. 8–21


February 8–14

Monday - Easy run + Core

Tuesday - Workout: 2mi, 1mi, 1mi @ Tempo pace w/ 90 sec recovery; 4 x 1min at Interval Pace

Wednesday - Recovery run + Core

Thursday - Easy run

Friday - Workout: 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800, 400 @ Interval pace with 400m recovery

Saturday - Recovery run or day off + Core

Sunday - Recovery run or Long run

February 15–21

Monday - Easy run + Core

Tuesday - Workout: 6 x 5 minutes @ Tempo pace w/ 90 sec recovery

Wednesday - Recovery run + Core

Thursday - Easy Run

Friday - Easy run + 6 x :30 strides at end of run

Saturday - Pre-race shakeout or normal length easy run

Sunday - Final PRC Winter 5k OR long run


General Training Principles

  • Commit to the workouts, paces, and general outline, and you’ll see improvement.
  • Keep your long run at about 20-25% of total mileage for the week.
  • Consistency is key, but make sure you take recovery days and days off as needed.
  • The workouts are geared towards the Grand Prix races, so 5k–5mi for the first couple months.
  • Keep things fun! This shouldn’t be a chore. Look forward to challenging yourself.
  • Make sure you take care of the little things. Stretch, hydrate, and fuel your body with good food.

Core Routine

Setting the Pace

Refer to this website to help you determine proper paces for your workouts. Chris can help you establish paces, too. Contact him at

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