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Hoka One One X PRC Montage Week Challenge

Hoka One One X PRC Montage Week Challenge

You know in those delightfully un-self-conscious '80s movies when the hero or heroine transforms themselves from downtrodden, hangdog, wet noodle to glowing, indomitable paragon of self-determination and the envy of everyone in their town/dojo/dance troupe? And it happens in one furious fit of training or practice crammed into the duration of a radio-edit melodic-pop anthem? That's a training montage...and this is YOUR montage week.

Follow the rules below to take part and you could win new shoes or a $50 gift card from Hoka One One and Portland Running Co. Even if you don't win, you'll emerge with renewed determination to tackle your goals and/or vanquish your high-school nemesis. Get after it!

UPDATE: Given the air quality this week, many of you can't exercise outside. All your indoor workouts of any kind can count as entries in this contest. No treadmill? No problem. Jumping rope, juggling soup cans—whatever—as long as you can do it for 45 minutes. Post a pic and earn a ticket.

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