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12 Questions: Devan Becker

12 Questions: Devan Becker

Have you been helped (by this man)?

This week the 12 Questions crew sits down (virtually) with recent hire Devan Becker. Devan is working full-time at PRC right now, mostly in Beaverton, and pulling double-duty as an assistant cross-country and track coach at Westview High School. Devan moved to Portland this past summer, and outside of PRC he is training hard and pursuing continuing education as a coach. He has designs on a teaching credential and would like to teach at the high school level. He is not related to Boris nor to John Becker, M.D., who we just learned was really Ted Danson anyways.

PRC: First things first. How do you like your eggs?
Devan Becker: Three eggs scrambled, with salt, every morning.

PRC: In what city and state were you born?
DB: I’m from Santa Rosa, CA, which includes my park, Annadel, the best state park in the U.S. for running.

PRC: What high school did you attend? What was the mascot?
DB: I’m a Montgomery High School Viking!
PRC: Like Kim Conley and Sara Hall!

PRC: What was the make and model of your first car?
DB: I prefer to take my road bike to places instead of my car. One of my habits that comes from being a UC Davis alum.
PRC: Go Ags! Or is it Mustangs? We've always been a little unclear on that. Regardless, go by bike!

PRC: How did you get into running?
I really got into running in high school junior year when my younger sister was joining the team as a freshman. I couldn’t let her be faster than me.

PRC: What is your current training shoe? Why?

DB: I’ve been a Nike Pegasus guy since the 34 and have loved them ever since. I currently use the 38.

PRC: If you had to change your name to an emoji, which one would you choose?
DB: My emoji for a name would be the big smile emoji. I’m a happy person.
PRC: 😁

PRC: What is your favorite race experience of all-time? Why?
DB: My favorite race experience was at the 2019 Hornet Invite track meet running the 5000m. I executed the race very well which led to winning the race and reaching my season goal of running under 15:30.
PRC: That must've left you buzzing.


PRC: What is your biggest pet-peeve? Explain.
DB: My biggest pet peeve is when someone doesn’t exercise and then complains about being out of shape. There are just already so many good reasons for exercising. I wish people did more of it because it would make the world a better place.

PRC: Who is the most famous person you have ever met? Explain.
DB: I feel like the famous people I’ve met have about the same level of fame because they are distance runners. So I’ll put up the top three, Ryan Hall, Sara Hall, and Paul Chelimo.

Paul Chelimo wins silver in Rio. US Army Photo by Tim Hipps.

PRC: What is the best accessory PRC carries?
DB: The best accessory that PRC carries is the Theragun (percussive massage tool).

PRC: What is your hidden talent?
DB: I don’t know if this counts as a talent, but I’m pretty good at sudoku.
PRC: OK, go!

PRC: Are you done yet?

PRC: If you couldn't run, what other sport/hobby would you be doing?
DB: If I couldn’t run I would be playing ultimate frisbee!

PRC: What is the best advice you have ever received?
DB: The best advice I’ve received is go after your dreams. If it makes you enjoy life more and it makes you want to give your absolute best every day then go after it. Life is always “hard” so make it hard in the best way possible.
PRC: Thanks Devan. That is good advice.



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