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The Kneed2Run Insole is designed to enhance the support inside the running shoes you love to wear. You perform best when your shoes fit perfectly and feel comfortable. Your footwear becomes an extension of your body. Converting your running shoes to a complete three-dimensional match of your foot is going to move you forward. That's what Kneed2Run insoles can do for you.

Product Details:

  • The bio-mechanically shaped moldable base of each Kneed2Run insole provides adaptive support from heel to ball of the foot. Flexible materials move with your unique foot and still maintain their shape where you need the support.
  • The intelligently engineered heel cradle of each insole bolsters your heel's natural cushioning and fits inside the heel counter of running shoes to reduce heel slippage commonly found with other insoles.
  • Poron cushioning provides the best performance cushioning for impact absorption and durability.
  • Designed to be the same thickness as most running shoe sock liners you are replacing.
  • Perforated to improve breathability
Kneed2Run insoles can help address the common causes of foot discomfort listed below.

Plantar Fasciitis - If you have heel pain when you first step out of bed; that could be plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is an excessive strain on the ligament that supports your medial longitudinal arch (typically just called “the arch” of the foot).

Tibialis Posterior Tendonitis - If you have pain on the inside of the ankle or through the arch this could be tibialis posterior tendinitis. The pain tends to worsen with repetitive stress.

Metatarsalgia - If you have pain and swelling on the balls (metatarsal heads) of the foot this could be metatarsalgia. The pain is the most severe during push off.

Morton’s Neuroma - If you have tingling, burning, cramping or shooting pains in the ball of the foot, most commonly between your third and fourth toes, you may have Morton’s Neuroma.

One pair per pack. Sizes are men's sizes; add 2 for women's and trim to fit. Example: If you need a women's 8, purchase a size 6 and trim the front.