Defunkify Active Wash 40oz




56 load sport wash. 

Defunkify ACTIVE WASH is a high-performing super detergent engineered specifically to remove stains and odor from today’s modern apparel, including the smelliest sportswear. ACTIVE WASH goes deep inside fabrics to remove stains plus the body oils, sweat and soap scum that cause persistent odor.

It's scientifically superior. It's environmentally friendly. It's a northwest company.


  • Safely removes funk, blood and grass stains, restoring fibers so they perform like new
  • Color-fast and safe for high-performance, wicking, water resistant, down, DWR coatings and cooling fabrics
  • Color-fast and safe for natural fibers, including cotton and wool
  • No harsh chemicals or optical brighteners
  • Non-allergenic
  • Will not change feel of fabric
  • Septic safe
  • Use in HE and conventional washing machines


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