Altra Men's Torin 4.5 Plush

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With 28 mm. between your foot and the ground, plush is the word. The updated Altra men's Torin 4.5 Plush is built on a premium midsole and outsole for a lightweight, responsive, and incredibly smooth ride.

The luxurious new knit upper is both comfortable and breathable and the overall shoe is more than an ounce lighter than the previous Plush model. Foot-shaped toebox is great for accommodating wider feet and natural toe splay.

Premium comfort, premium cushion, lightweight and locked-in—the Torin 4.5 Plush can comfortably keep up with any road adventure. 

Note: Jumping into zero-drop shoes will work your calves hard until you become accustomed to them and adapt to a midfoot or forefoot strike.
  • Weight: 9.1 oz / 258 g
  • Stack Height: 28 mm
  • Offset: Zero Drop
  • Category: Neutral, roads
  • Width: D (standard, medium)
  • Insole: 5mm Premium PU Sculpted Footbed
  • Midsole: Quantic™
  • Outsole: FootPod™ Technology
  • Cushion: High
  • Upper: Breathable Engineered Knit


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