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Race Team Training


Race Team director Chris McIsaac (above, left) will be writing training plans geared towards the Grand Prix races in 2021. He plans on sending out 2–4 week plans at a time with an accompanying video. Those videos will talk about general training tips and might have some guest appearances from Team members, PRC staff members, or maybe some well known runners in our area.

We are looking forward to helping you get the most out of your 2021 training!

If you have any questions whatsoever, don't hesitate to ask Chris. Email him at

Chris's Coaching Philosophy

I've had the privilege of coaching many different levels and abilities of runners over the years. I've coached middle school athletes, high school teams (currently I coach at this level), and collegiate programs. I've also worked with sub-elite runners and the everyday runner.

There are two common threads throughout all of those: Relationships and commitment to improve. I strive to form relationships with runners I coach and there is a mutual understanding that I am going to always do my best, if they are willing to commit and try to do their best.

I believe that every runner is "an experiment of one," but there are some key similarities in my training plans: Be consistent, build and maintain a base, develop speed, and take rest days for your body to reap the benefits.

Here are some touchstone training principles and resources to inform your training all year.

General Training Principles

  • Commit to the workouts, paces, and general outline, and you’ll see improvement.
  • Keep your long run at about 20-25% of total mileage for the week.
  • Consistency is key, but make sure you take recovery days and days off as needed.
  • The workouts are geared towards the Grand Prix races, so 5k–5mi for the first couple months.
  • Keep things fun! This shouldn’t be a chore. Look forward to challenging yourself.
  • Make sure you take care of the little things. Stretch, hydrate, and fuel your body with good food.

 Core Routine

Setting the Pace

Refer to this website to help you determine proper paces for your workouts. Chris can help you establish paces, too. Contact him at


Training January 11–24

Here is the first installment of the 2021 training plan and accompanying. Click here to play the video if it won't play for you on this page.


January 11–17
Monday - Easy run + Core
Tuesday - Workout: 3mi @ TEMPO PACE*, 4x400 at INTERVAL PACE*
Wednesday - Recovery run + Core
Thursday - Easy run + 6 x :30 strides at end of run
Friday - Pre-race shakeout or normal length easy run
Saturday - PRC Winter 5k OR long run
Sunday - Recovery run or day off + Core

January 18–24
Monday - Easy run + Core
Tuesday - Workout: 4x:30 hill, 5min tempo, 4x:30 hill, 5min tempo
Wednesday - Recovery run + Core
Thursday - Easy Run
Friday - Workout: 5xmile w/ 400m recovery @ Interval pace
Saturday - Recovery run or Long run
Sunday - Recovery run or LR


Training January 25–February 7

Here is your second installment of Race Team training for 2021. Chris explains it all in the video below.


January 25–31
Monday - Easy run + Core
Tuesday - Workout: 8-12 x 400 w/ 200m recovery @ 5mi race pace 
Wednesday - Recovery run + Core
Thursday - Easy Run
Friday - Pre-race shakeout
Saturday - PRC Grand Prix 5 miler
Sunday - Recovery run

February 1–7
Monday - Easy + Core
Tuesday - Workout: 3 sets of 3 hills. Within each set go easy, medium, hard + 4 strides at very end
Wednesday - Easy + Core
Thursday - 1min, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 w/ 2min recovery
Friday - Easy
Saturday - Long Run
Sunday - Easy