PRC Shoe Wear Calculator

We find that most well-made running shoes will endure 300–400 miles of use. That's not just what the shoe companies say; it's what we've learned in our 25 years in this business. Some specialized racing shoes will even expire well before you've run 300 miles in them.

When the cushioning and support in your shoes break down, that translates to wear and tear on your body. We recommend rotating a new pair of shoes into your exercise regimen when your current pair hits about 300 miles of use. Retire the old shoes when they reach 400 miles.

To use our calculator, type in the number of weeks that you've owned your current pair of running shoes, your average weekly mileage during that time, and hit enter. It will do the math for you and issue a recommendation. Try it for yourself!

If you received an email from us because your shoes are four months old, enter 18 weeks in the first field below.

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