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PDX Runs: Westside Trail

Westside Trail Powerline Trail Beaverton Oregon

The Westside Trail, known to many by the name “Beaverton Powerline Trail,” is a nearly continuous paved path stretching more than six miles from the Tigard city limits in the south to the Tualatin Hills Nature Park and the Merlo Road MAX station in the north.

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The path follows Washington County’s electrical power utility corridor, meaning you’ll have powerlines looming overhead for most of your time running or walking this route. That actually makes for some interesting vistas, especially when looking down from atop one of the substantial hills you will encounter on the Westside Trail.

The Westside Trail connects a number of parks along its route from Progress Lake to Tualatin Hills Nature Park. Segments of the Westside Trail are defined by some busy streets, so be alert at every crossing.

The aforementioned hills, notably Sexton Mountain and Mount Williams, offer more than great views. They are a workout opportunity. Use one for hill repeats, or attack all the hills in the course of your run on the Westside Trail to create a fartlek workout.

One note: If you do plan to continue your run into Tualatin Hills Nature Park, be advised that pets are not allowed in that park. Or, keep fido at your side and continue north on the Waterhouse Trail, which will take you nearly to Highway 26.

-Ryan Heal