goodr Runway Sunglasses


Polk It Like It's Dot
Total Lime Piece
My Cateyes Are Up Here
Mary Queen of Golf
Sand Trap Queen
Mind the Wage Gap Wedge
Schrodinger's Saigon Jade
Stop and Smell the Rose
Rose Before Brose
Brunch is the New Black
Talk Birdie to Me
Iced By Zombie Dragons
Breakfast Run to Tiffany's
Vegan Friendly Couture
Fast As Shell
Apatite for Detoxification
Freshly Picked Cerulean
Gingham Is Sooo Last Season
Haute Day in Hell
Insert Lei’d Joke


Sunglasses in the goodr Runways collection have all the goodr running and beasting performance benefits with a universally flattering, high-fashion cateye shape.

The mad-smart people behind goodr sunglasses started with the belief that running is fun and your gear should be, too. Their goal was to create the best pair of running sunglasses for a reasonable price. No slip. No bounce. All polarized. All fun.

  • Lenses offer UV400 protection that blocks 100% of those harmful UVA and UVB rays.
  • Polarized lenses reduce glare so you can see the road/kickball ahead.
  • Frames are snug, light, and comfortable to prevent bounce while running or climbing on/off barstools.
  • Special grip coating on the frames eliminates slippage when sweating. 

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