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PRC's 2021 Guide to Our Favorite Gifts

PRC's 2021 Guide to Our Favorite Gifts



PRC's 2021 Guide to Our Favorite Gifts

(as chosen by those who work at "the show.")

At this point you don't have a lot of time to overthink it, so just take our word for it and buy these gifts for the runners and walkers on your list! These things are our favorites, and so they're bound to be someone else's, too. Click on the name of the item to go buy it, or view the whole collection (two pages) right here.


        1. Garmin GPS Running Watch

          "It's my everything." -Paula
          "I mean, come on! I wear that thing every minute of every day." -Chris

        2. Theragun Mini

          "Easiest, highest impact, non-running maintenance tool I have ever used." -Dave
          "It’s the perfect size to take wherever you go." -Celia
          "Minimal effort compared to foam rolling and I can multitask while using it." -Gardner

        3. Balega Blister Resist Quarter Socks

          "Warm, soft, durable. Best socks in my drawer. If they're clean, I wear them." -Ryan

        4. Amphipod Microstretch Belt + Aftershokz Bone Conduction Headphones

          "Love listening to a nice podcast on my solo runs. Best combo that I have found works." -Chris
          "Microstretch is the belt for carrying my phone that I always recommend." -Ryan

        5. Spring Energy Gel

          "A great pre-run or post-run meal/serving. I have never had any stomach issues." -Dave (talking about this)
          "Really my go to nutrition on a long run!" -John B.

        6. Sporthill Lighthouse Jacket

          "Warmer than it looks and windproof to 40 mph. Lights up like a Christmas tree in headlights, too." -Ryan

        7. The North Face Gloves

          "Tech finger is convenient because I don't have to take my gloves off to use my phone." -Gardner
          "Warm and comfortable feel. Use them for both running and cycling." -John C.

        8. Trigger Point MB5 Massage Ball

          "I find it more efficient and effective than a foam roller." -Chris

        9. Feetures Light Cushion Socks

          "They hug my feet in the right spots and last a very long time. No blisters!" -Devan

        10. Petzl Actik Headlamp

          "With 300 lumens I am able to run trails after work and actually see the ground!"-Gardner

        11. CEP Compression Socks

          "Great fit and compression for increased blood flow and recovery after long runs." -John C.

        12. Brooks Sherpa Hat

          "Works for rain, for cold, and to block the sun. It fits most with a fairly deep noggin area." -Dave

        13. Sporthill Rain Dodger Hat

          "More comfortable and more effective than a hood. This makes it easier to get out the door in the sleet and rain." -Ryan

        14. PRC Race Team Long Sleeve Tops

          "I've got 5–6 of them and love wearing them on a cold morning." -Chris

        15. Nike Pegasus 38

          "The only shoe I use for my training...nice comfortable fit with a great mix of cushion and responsiveness." -Devan

        16. Recovery Sandals (Oofos or HOKA)

          "They are amazing!" -John B.

        17. Hammer Tissue Rejuvenator

          "Reduces inflammation, supports rebuilding of body tissue, promotes joint mobility." -John C.







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