Nathan Zephyr Fire 150 Battery Powered LED Hand Torch

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Steel Grey-Charcoal


This popular runner’s flashlight is now powered by AA batteries! This 150+ lumen hand torch features a comfortable hand strap that provides grip-free running along with a 24-degree downward angle that produces the ideal Run-Right Light, whether on roads or trails
  • 150+ lumen battery-powered runners’ flashlight
  • Comfortable & adjustable hand strap provides grip-free running
  • Integrated 24-degree downward angle focuses light on the path/road ahead of you
  • Rear-facing LED for added visibility
Specs:LED: 175+ Lumen main LED & rear facing red LED; Battery: 2xAA; Burn Time: STROBE - 12+ hrs, LOW - 44+ hrs, MED - 24+ hrs, HIGH - 9+ hrs; Water Resistance: IPX4 – Weather

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