Gift Guide 2019

Stocking Stuffers • $25 & Under


Blended for comfort.           50/50, all awesome.



Techy tips, warm wrists. Silent night, head bright.



Blister-free, foot-shaped. Subtle support.



Lighten up! You're safe. Know your way around.



North Polarized.  A gift in good taste.



Sweet Spots • $25 to $99


 Cozy meets style. Warm to the core.



Practically flashy. A sound choice. 



Every run a glow run. On our squish list!



Pack it up, pack it in. Give 'em a 3-speed.



Spoiler Alert • $100 & Above


 Windproof to 40 MPH. Reflective All Over.



Waterproof. Detailed.    Ignore the weather.



Turn-by-turn guide. Oxygen sensor aboard.



Covers most shoes. Ships at lightspeed.

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