OS1st KS7 Knee Sleeve - Black

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The KS7 Sports Knee Compression sleeve provides medical grade orthopedic knee support. The patent pending Compression Zone Technology® provides effective pain relief for those suffering with runner’s knee, chronic knee pain, swollen arthritic knees, patellar tendinitis, and other knee injuries. 

The KS7 knee sleeve helps your muscles and joints with targeted compression and support. Gel stabilizers help maintain proper patellar tracking, so you can run and work out with less pain. The compression aspect of the sleeve promotes circulation, which is crucial in aiding and speeding muscle recovery.

OS1st KS7 knee compression sleeves are lightweight and comfortable enough to use during the night and day. The slim-profile KS7 fits well under most styles of pants. It doesn't promote excess sweat like some neoprene and latex products. The shaped fit of the KS7, with its rear-knee release zone, makes this sleeve a welcome alternative to heavier supports and braces that pinch and bind. 

One sleeve per pack. Use the size guide below to help select the right one for you.